Two big storms could threaten Thanksgiving flights, travel next week

There are two major storms forming right now that could impact Thanksgiving travel across the Midwest and the entire country. 

According to AAA, more than 55 million people will fly or drive more than 50 miles this year for Thanksgiving. With two major storms brewing, those trips could be delayed across the Midwest.

As we inch closer to Thanksgiving (can you believe it?!) all eyes turn to the weather forecast.  

The busiest travel week of the year is likely to come with some delays or slowdowns. Let's break it down.

The action begins early Tuesday morning as a strong low-pressure system gains strength as it travels east of the Rocky Mountains. The system quickly strengthens into a rain and wind maker as it impacts Kansas City and St. Louis by Tuesday afternoon. 

Around that time, the outer edges of wind and showers begin to impact Michigan, spreading east across the state by Tuesday evening.

The largest impacts (moderate rain and gusty winds) for Michigan will happen Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. 

By 7 a.m. Wednesday I expect most of the rain to wrap up, but the wind will persist well into the afternoon. Chillier air will settle in thanks to the wind but most of Wednesday will be dry.

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Thanksgiving Day itself looks dry and seasonal with high temps in the middle 40s. That means your annual Thanksgiving backyard football tradition will be good to go, even if it is a bit cold.

The Thanksgiving Day forecast looks dry with highs in the 40s. Perfect football weather

Following the holiday and into the weekend, yet another system will begin on the West Coast and travel east, arriving in Michigan by Sunday.