Warmest winter ever, time for higher than average temps for spring

Alright be honest, more than once this winter you've thought to yourself, "this is very odd". Maybe it's been a "good odd", but it's still been odd. And you know what? You've been right.

This winter has been extremely strange for almost everyone around the USA. So much so, in fact, that this winter grabs the title of Warmest Winter Ever.

48 out of 50 states were warmer than normal and almost all of the Northeast broke records for their warmest winter of all time. The entire country was 5 degrees above average…taking the gold medal in the 121 year old Winter Temperature Olympics (just kidding, that's not actually a thing).

We weren't completely caught off guard with this warmer than average winter. Way back in November, while everyone was preparing for Thanksgiving, I was keeping an eye on El Nino and predicted that the weather phenomenon that develops in the Pacific Ocean could mean the warmest weather ever. CLICK HERE to read that story. 

VIDEO: want to know even more? Watch the video above to see Derek break down the numbers.

In Michigan specifically, we are seeing the 6th warmest winter of all time. When I took a look at the numbers I was flabbergasted to see that since December 1st we've seen more days over 70 than we have under 0! That's crazy! When I added up the data I saw that we had 25 times more days over 50 degrees than we did below 0. Snow boarders and skiers hated it, but most people enjoyed the break from shoveling.

So of course, now everyone wants to know: what does this mean for summer? It's tough to say with certainty but I would bet we'll be seeing temps higher than last year and higher than normal. El Nino is in the process of weakening and by the summer we will be considered "neutral". Combining that with other large scale interactions, the Climate Prediction Center is giving Michigan a 50% chance at higher than normal temperatures for May, June, July.

So…time to make friends with someone who has a pool.

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