Was that the last snow of the season? Probably not

I'm not trying to pile on here, but it *is* our job to look ahead...

This week's snow storm will not be the last one of the year for us. In fact, if models are right, we might be in store for at least two more big ones. 

Looking ahead to next week, starting late Tuesday and heading into the first half of Wednesday, we are tracking another winter weather maker which could bring more accumulating snow. How much? Well, that's impossible to say right now.

The system is at least five days away and it technically hasn't even formed yet (although it will likely spin off from the Pacific Northwest). But is it worth watching and mentioning? Of course! And you know we will.

After that, uncertainty jumps even higher, but we are keeping an eye on March 5-6. 

The American Weather Model (called the GFS, which did a good job with the recent snow/rain) has a system comparable to the one we just saw. I would HEAVILY stress that models don't often have a good grip on systems nine days away ... but it certainly grabbed my attention when I saw it this morning. 

Does this mean you should cancel your plans for next Saturday? No way! But be sure to follow The Weather Authority as we track these systems over the next few days.