Wednesday temperatures rebound to 60 degrees with rain on the way

A warmer Wednesday is on the way! 

And you'll likely notice it already this morning. While temperatures in the 40s still qualify as chilly, they're up in a big way relative to yesterday morning.  

There's not too much wet weather around this morning, but a spotty shower isn't out of the question, with our greatest chance for widespread rain arriving mid-to-late afternoon. 

The rain will wind down overnight and we'll be off to a mainly dry Thursday with an isolated shower (rain and snow are both possible, not much of either). 

Soak in the warmth, as it's one and done. 

Friday should feature pretty good sun with a dry Saturday and a questionable Sunday. 

The best chance for rain will be late Sunday and into the night with a changeover to snow showers Monday, but it's possible we'll squeeze out some rain showers earlier.