Detroit-based drone expert: Package delivery, transporting people may be on horizon

For some, drones are toys. But for others, they serve a much more important purpose.

Detroit Aircraft Corp CEO and founder Jon Rimanelli doesn't see drones as a hobby -- to him, they are a tool.

"They actually improve the quality of life for people by doing the jobs that are dirty, dull and dangerous, and ultimately save time, lives and money," he said.

Detroit Aircraft Corp uses drones to monitor the things that need monitoring, such a power lines and wind turbines.

"We can actually get up there, film and take the information and data live without shutting people down, without putting people at risk and it's cheaper, faster, better," Rimanelli said.

What makes his company unique may be their newest model drone. The drone is made out of military grade aluminum and is likely the only one of it's kind on the market.

"(It was) designed from scratch here in Detroit, we're basically using similar materials in a Ford F150," he said.

Two cameras, one high-res and one infrared, record everything that's going on.

As for the future of drones, Rimanelli thinks everything is on the table, including package delivery, controlling a drone with your phone or even transporting people may be closer than you think.