Lions' Marvin Jones gets razzed on 'Family Feud' over grocery shopping

The Detroit Lions new wide receiver might need to get out a little more.

Marvin Jones was on an NFL version of the questionnaire game show "Family Feud" earlier this week -- but he had a little trouble with one question.

Marvin was doing the Fast Money round, and one of the questions was to name a material grocery store bags are made of.

Marvin tried passing, but game show host Steve Harvey wouldn't let him.

"Plastic," Marvin eventually said.

Then Steve Harvey called him out for not having grocery shopped on his own in a long time.

"This dude right here, he went from college to the NFL - he ain't been in a damn grocery store!" Steve joked.

You can watch the video clip in the player above. Tap here if you cannot see the clip. The exchange starts at the 1:08 mark.

For the record -- "plastic" was the number one answer and earned Marvin 62 points. He earned a total of 172 points in the Fast Money Round.