Using canvas drop cloths for curtains, and other DIY projects

This week, Jill Washburn, our Jill of All Trades, teams up with producer, Connie, to show us some great ways to do affordable decorating with canvas paint tarps.  

Connie needed an affordable way to window dress a new window in her dining room that was quite large. Curtains or drapes would have, most likely, been pretty pricey. Enter linen-colored canvas paint tarps.   

Connie found a great curtain rod with clip rings on sale and nabbed it, knowing that it would be perfect for what she envisioned. Then, she headed to one of the big box home improvement stores and picked up 2 canvas paint tarps for about 11 bucks each.  

She brought them home, determined what length she needed them to be, and folded over the rest to the front of the curtain where it makes a valance. Doing this also ensures that you will have to do zero sewing on this project! After that, just clip the curtain rings to the top of the fold and, boom, instant curtains!

Jill used painter's tarps to sew a duvet for her daughter's bed. Jill says, if you have basic sewing skills, you can do one for yourself. 

 She just sewed two tarps together to fit the twin-sized comforter and then sewed pairs of ties, made out of binding, at the open bottom so that the cover can be tied closed, once the comforter is in.  

Jill says the duvet is easily removed and can be thrown in the washer. She also says that it wears like iron, which is great for a teen's (or kid's) room, and it has a great look; perfect for the Paris-themed bedroom of her daughter.

Jill says you can also use painter's tarps for tablecloths, table runners, pillows, etc. Painter's tarps are an economical for décor projects that require large pieces of fabric. Jill recommends letting your imagination and your sense of style be your guide.

Fold-Over Curtains - Super Easy
Duvet - Medium (Some sewing skills needed.)

To watch Jill demonstrate how to hang the curtains, click on the video player above.