1 arrested in 2-alarm Detroit apartment fire

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About a dozen firetrucks responded to a three story apartment fire off Oakman near Linwood on Detroit's west side.

"We had the first company and had heavy fire showing on the third floor of the building," said Michael Jefferson, Detroit battalion church.

Jefferson says no one lives here - but there are squatters inside and at least one of them was there when it started.

 "Even though the building was abandoned, people still live in these buildings we still have to search because we find people in these buildings," he said.

 FOX 2 cameras were rolling when a man was arrested Wednesday evening. Jefferson says he was outside the apartment building when firefighters got there. 

 "There was a gentlemen out front stating that he had some involvement in the fire," he said.

 The fire went from bad to worse - causing crews to pull out. Firefighters used their horns in their trucks to alert anyone inside to evacuate.

 "The fire got in the attic area above the firefighters and it forced us out and we had to go into a defensive operation," he said.

 Well into the night - they worked to keep the flames at bay, switching out crews to keep firefighters safe.

 Arson investigators were on scene and will return when the fire is out to figure out a cause.

"When no one gets hurt, and you're able to contain these and keep everybody safe and the other," Jefferson said. "I work with the best."