10 detained while protesting Biden's visit to Detroit

Several protesters were detained outside the NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit as President Joe Biden attended the event on Sunday.

One person was arrested while nine others were taken into custody and then released after being issued misdemeanor citations, Detroit Police Chief James White said during a press conference on Monday.

The individual arrested is facing a felony charge for assaulting an officer. Their identity has not been released to the public.

The rally and march on Sunday was in support of Palestine. Participants were protesting Biden's appearance at the NAACP dinner while calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

According to Detroit Will Breathe (DWB), six organizers were among those who were arrested during the demonstration. 

Shortly after the police conference on Monday, members of DWB spoke in Spirit Plaza. 

Activists claim they were followed by police and intentionally targeted. 

"These attacks are part of a national trend of escalating repression of dissent, an attack on the right to free speech, and an attack on anyone standing against the genocide of Palestinians and protesting state violence," DWB released in a statement.

According to DWB, one of the protesters was tased by police while on the ground. However, Detroit police said the taser did not take effect.

During the same protest, a lieutenant was recorded telling protester and organizer Lexis Zeidan to "go back to Mexico," sparking outrage.

DPD claims the lieutenant was commenting on Zeidan's recent trip to Mexico, which he saw on Instagram. The lieutenant is now on administrative leave. 

"He proceeded to tell me ‘isn’t that nice? I get to surveil you at any time,'" Zeidan said. "It's been known for police to use these tactics as a way to instill fear in influential activists and organizers."

"The video that went viral is extremely concerning. Fortunately, other video exists that we were able to review and to provide some context of what occurred out there," White said. 

Police also say there's evidence that some protesters involved had shared personal information of DPD officers. 

An investigation is ongoing.