11 children removed from Warren home living in filth

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The city of Warren placed an "unsafe structure" notice on the home where 11 kids were taken to the hospital Monday for some kind of sickness.

Something inside the home made the children violently ill, and the cause is still being investigated. 

"Police said there was human feces on every surface inside the house," said Wanda Lee, a neighbor. "That's bad."

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts says that the kids were eating cereal and feces off the floor, 

The house was filthy and Fouts has recommended that the county prosecutor look at neglect charges against the two mothers of 11 kids.  As of Tuesday, all the kids will now be in the hands of Protective Services.

"It needed to be condemned," said a neighbor named Aurora. "And I'm really worried about the kids especially the one that was in critical condition."

Warren police said that 10 of the 11 kids have been released from the hospital. The child in critical condition has now been upgraded to stable condition.

Police said the doctors still don't know the true cause of the sickness, but will know more after toxicology tests are reviewed.  But the city had enough information to prevent anybody else from living in the house.  

Neighbors say that the children's parents had only been renting there for about a month.  And the mayor says having 11 kids in one Section 8 HUD house could be a violation as well.  

The sticker means the landlord has a certain amount of time to fix the house and if he does, people can live there again. If not, the city could come and tear the house down.

"I'm glad someone is doing something to help the kids," said Lee.  "Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes but the kids needed some kind of attention."

No timeline yet on when the house could be torn down or when there could be criminal charges.