18-year-old pilot ran out of gas before crashing, woman injured by power line

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An 18 year old pilot came to a crash landing in the streets of Detroit, avoiding houses and trees but not power lines.

One of those downed power lines sent a woman getting out of her car to the hospital with serious injuries Monday night.

"He was forced to land, we've learned he ran out of fuel," said Police Chief James Craig. "In doing so, he was forced to land striking overhead power lines. The pilot has survived the crash but was transported to a local hospital where he is being treated.

"There was a person on the ground getting out of their car. As the wires came down that person made contact, so she is in very serious condition, also being treated."

A Cessna plane sits at the corner of Cooper and Shoemaker, east of Gratiot and south of I-94.

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The pilot ran out of gas returning to City Airport after flying a banner at the Ford Fireworks downtown. He abandoned the banner and narrowly missed Alonda Brunson's house.

Brunson was home with her child when it happened around 9 p.m.

"I did hear a pop, another pop and that was when the power went down to a brownout," she said. "And then I heard a big boom. At that moment I knew that something, a transformer had blown up or something occurred. When I heard people screaming I thought my house was on fire."

Her house and all others were safe. We just watched some power lines taken off the plane and utility crews trying to restore power to the neighborhood.

Detroit police say the FAA is investigating the case.