19-year-old drowning victim in Monroe lake found in 60 ft of water

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Image from SkyFOX.

A 19-year-old died in a Monroe County lake and his friends were unable to help.

"I woke up and wished I could've done something else," said Justin Deisler. "But there's nothing more we could do."

Visiting a former stone quarry in Monroe off of Dunbar Road, Deisler of Dearborn, says he can't stop thinking about Thursday night.

Michigan State Police in Monroe Township say that 19-year-old Deonte Dixon of Detroit was out swimming with two friends when witnesses say he began struggling in the water.

One friend tried to save Dixon but almost getting pulled under as well.

"His buddies were just screaming for help," Deisler said. "As soon as we ran over there to dive in, we couldn't even find him."

Deisler says nearly 50 people were grabbing goggles and jumping in to try and find Dixon.

"Nobody could even see him," he said. "It is 300 feet deep, there is no possible way we could have found him."

Deisler says he wishes he could turn back time.
"Friends and family, I'm so sorry," Deisler said. "We all (tried to save him). I'm speechless right now."

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office Dive Team says Dixon's body was recovered in about 60 feet of water, not far from where witnesses saw him go under about an hour before.

Deisler says he can't stop thinking of Dixon's family.

"All I can say is I'm so sorry, I can't express how sorry I am right now," he said.

He said he hopes this second drowning here in only three years is the last.

Police want to remind everyone that particular area is not a public lake and those who trespass could be charged. They also remind folks that the extreme depth and rockiness of the quarry makes it particularly dangerous.