2 killed in 6 car crash on I-94 near Mt. Elliott overnight Saturday

Two people were killed in a crash involving six cars on I-94 near Mt. Elliott according to Michigan State Police.

Investigators said at 2:25 a.m. on Saturday, a Ford Fusion lost control and crashed into the center median on I-94. The Fusion was then rear-ended by a Kia; turning the Fusion sideways and blocking the freeway's left lane. The Kia stopped on the right shoulder.

The two people in the Fusion got out and stood by the car, said MSP. A Dodge Charger stopped at the scene to help.

A Jeep Liberty driving in the left lane fatally struck both people outside the Fusion and stopped against the car.

A black Kia SUV was driving through and sideswiped the Fusion and the Charger. The SUV stopped at the median.

A GMC SUV also entered the scene and rear-ended the Charger.

Police arrested the Jeep driver at the scene for showing signs of impairment. A search warrant is being sought for a blood draw, said MSP.

MSP said the Kia SUV driver was taken to the hospital pending medical treatment and a blood draw.

The man and woman who occupied the Fusion were pronounced dead at the scene. No one else was injured at the scene according to MSP.

Families of the victims have not yet been notified.

The freeway was closed for 7 hours due to the crash. It has since opened back up.

The investigation is ongoing, and MSP will submit a report to the prosecutor for review.

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