2 women shot to death in Oak Park, person of interest in custody

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Two women were shot and killed in Oak Park on Wednesday evening.

The shooting took place in the 21000 block of Church Street near Northend, between 8 and 9 Mile roads.

Police say one woman was shot in an SUV as she pulled into the driveway, and the other woman was shot while inside the house. Both women were shot with a shot gun.

A short time later, police say a man turned himself in by walking into the Oak Park police station.

Oak Park's police chief says they have a person of interest in custody they are currently interviewing.

"We don't believe it's a murder-suicide at this point," said Steve Cooper, Oak Park public safety director. "The person that we're speaking with at the station is one who had some direct involvement in the incident."

Police are not confirming the relationship of the two deceased women at this time.

A neighbor had a lawn crew working on her yard during the shooting.

"The lawn guy said that the guy came up and shot her in the head and the car moved forward and ran into the pole over there in front of the house," she said. "We're thinking it was the husband and I guess there's something about the sister."