2-year-old child found alone with dead grandparent at Pontiac home

The Oakland County Sheriff's Department says a 2-year-old child was found alone after the child's grandmother died at a home in Pontiac

A wellness check was requested by the Child Protective Services worker at the home on S. Tasmania Avenue after she couldn't get ahold of the grandmother, who is also the child's foster parent.

A family member who lives close by went to the home and saw the woman lying on the floor motionless through a window. 

The 2-year-old child was inside the home unharmed. 

Medical officials said she appears to have been dead for approximately 18 hours. 

Authorities aren't sure yet what happened to the woman. Her family says she didn't have a history of substance abuse and did not have any known medical issues. 

An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be natural.