20-year-old candidate runs for Inkster City Council

He isn't old enough to buy a beer, but he believes he's ready to run for office. 

The newest candidate for Inkster City Council is also the youngest. Twenty-year-old Jewell Jones says it's time for a change in his beloved hometown.

"I believe better days lie ahead in city of Inkster," Jones said. "We've had some bad actors in the past and I would like to get the city back on track."

The University of Michigan-Dearborn student has decided to put his political science studies to work and run for a spot on Inkster City Council.

"My personal initiatives are the parks and recreation, public safety and economic development," Jones said.

He says he wants to help restore a positive image of Inkster. .An image that received negative publicity after video of the Inkster police beating of Floyd Dent during a traffic stop went viral.

"With public safety I just want to make sure we actually look at people we're hiring before we hire them," he said.

For all the critics who believe he may not have enough experience to lead,  he says think again.

"I'm a cadet in the US Army and I got selected for a one-month deployment in Romania to go work with Romanian Intelligence Service," he said.

On Saturday, Jewell plans to kick off his campaign for city council with a picnic and fundraiser at Inkster Park.

"We going to be out there grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, hustling to some music and kicking off the campaign," he said.

If elected, Jones would take a seat representing the fourth district.  A seat currently held by incumbent Michael Canty.

And a position Inkster resident  William Miller is also vying for.

"When it comes to administration I will be able to do a better job," Miller said. "Our community is fractured and there are things we need to do to bring people back together."

But Jones maintains it's time for a change and he's the change Inkster needs.