"2021, please be good to us," adorable Detroit girl has a message for the new year

An adorable 5-year-old from Detroit has a message this new years eve: She's waited long enough.

"It's about that time," says Rosie McKee, who is bobbing her head and swaying her hands. "Come on 21."

She's dressed in a dark blue hoodie and sporting shades that cover half of her face. Rosie spins around to face a brooding "2020" taped onto the wall. With defiance that only months of bad news can harden, she rips the paper from the wall, looks to the camera, and tears it to shreds. 

Then, adorned in a sparkly gold dress and a hat that shines almost as bright as her infectious smile, she struts across the screen to make a plea to the new year.

"2021, please be good for us, and happy new year," Rosie says in the video.

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Rosie, who has a knack for making videos that will warm anyone's heart, and her mom Kenya White published the clip Wednesday in preparation for the last day of the year.

Rosie, 5, of Detroit, doing what she does best.

White, speaking to Storyful who first reported the video, said the year 2020 was bittersweet for the family as they had lost friends and relatives to COVID-19. However, she hoped the video will "make people feel warm and mushy."