3 legged dog Domingo recovers after rescue from railroad tracks

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A stray dog discovered with one leg partially torn off. An officer found the animal called a local rescue and got the dog the medical attention he badly needed.

Meet Domingo, named after the officer who found him. He now has one less leg but is otherwise doing fine.

The officer works for the railroad police and found Domingo on Tuesday and believes he was hit by a train.

"Besides having a missing limb he's doing great," said Theresa Sumpter, Detroit Pit Rescue. "He is otherwise healthy, very sweet. Another officer contacted us - also another officer for the railroad. They said they had previously seen him running up and down the train tracks with another dog.

"We're not aware where the second dog was, but they had seen him previously uninjured - so he had been there for a while."

Domingo has become best buddies with another three-rigged dog named Trace and we are told Trace's owner plans to also adopt Domingo once he's healthy enough to go home.  Both dogs are missing the same front leg.