3 smash and grab suspects still at large; new Detroit store hit

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Detroit police say they are investigating a large organized group of people who are behind about 30 smash and grab robberies since the beginning of the year. 

Right now DPD has five people in custody and fugitive teams are out looking for three more. In the coming weeks and months, they plan on making many more arrests.

"Just because they get away that night doesn't mean they will get away forever," said Deputy Chief David LeValley.

Detroit police are working to calm the fears of devastated business owners - targets of smash and grab robberies across the city. 

The latest hit came on Wednesday morning on the west side.

"It is unfortunate that we have to deal with this," said Rany Wadia, the store owner. "We deal with this all the time."

Wadia and his brother own three liquor stores and this one off Puritan hit for the first time. Ironically Randy saw a news story Tuesday night on the rash of smash and grabs.

"Five or six hours later I get a call and it happened here," he said.

Deputy Chief David LeValley tell FOX 2 there is a large, relatively organized group behind them. They are actively still searching for these three suspects.

"Something we take serious," said LeValley.  "We anticipate more arrests and putting people away I know it's a costly hit because this is expensive product."

They're after mostly liquor stores where they take alcohol and cigarettes to re-sell, sometimes doing it online. 

"Some of is advertised online we have a crime intel unit that scours the internet looking for those types of posting," LeValley said.

Detroit police have deployed extra patrols in the target areas while they track down more suspects. The cost of the damage already done into the tens of thousands of dollars for each business.

"I love the people it's home," said Wadia. "But they are going to make us have to leave."