3 teens arrested after shootout with drive-by gunman caught on camera in Detroit

Three juvenile suspects are now under arrest for a wild shootout in broad daylight on a Detroit street back on Saturday as several suspects opened fire.

Thankfully no one was injured, and the scene was captured on surveillance camera on Manor near Puritan on Detroit’s west side.

"There were over 36 shots that were fired," said Capt. Philip Rodriguez, Detroit police. "Honestly by great luck that no one was struck inside their homes."

The homes were full of elderly residents and families.

"That display to myself watching that video is carelessness for the community itself," Rodriguez said.

The captain says it was a shootout between whoever was in a light-colored sedan and three teenagers.

"Two of the individual captured on video shooting weapons and the third is seen as more of a lookout," he said.

It appears whoever was in the car – fired first.

"I believe there was an exchange - a verbal altercation with the vehicle that led to the escalation of the use of firearms," Rodriguez said.

The trio of teens ran just two blocks for cover – into one of their homes. And with the community's help, police tracked them there – and found a treasure trove of evidence.

"(We) went inside, recovered two handguns, and numerous rounds of ammunition, along with extended magazines," he said.

The evidence was believed to be used in the shooting. Those teens are now in custody, facing some serious charges. Police are also looking for the suspects inside the light-colored sedan.

"It's not an instance where you can take pulling that trigger back," Rodriguez said.