3-year-old in critical condition after shooting self; father arrested

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A 3-year old boy is hospitalized after shooting himself, with his father's gun Tuesday on Marcus Street near Mount Elliot.

Now his dad is in police custody as doctors try to save the little boy's life. The boy's father had to borrow a car from a family member this morning 

He remains in critical condition with a stomach wound.

"My nephew he came over I was asleep," Loretta Ester. "He woke me up and he needed to use the truck to take the baby to the emergency."

After 10 a.m.  Ester said her nephew who is also her neighbor, ran through a field that divides their yards with his 3-year-old boy in his arms.

"It was chaotic, I couldn't function," she said. "I didn't get a chance to ask him questions because he was in a hurry to get the baby to the hospital."

Detroit police tell us the boy apparently got a hold of his dad's gun. While playing with it, the handgun went off and he shot himself.  

"He's currently at Children's Hospital fighting for his life," said Cmdr. Charles Mahone, Detroit police. "We would like the community to pray for this young man."

Mahone says they brought both parents in for questioning shortly after the shooting. Police tell us the father is now been officially in custody. 

"After I heard the tragedy of what happened, I prayed and that calms you down a little bit," Ester said.

Loretta has a lot of questions for her nephew but for now she's focusing on the condition of the 3-year-old. 

"I'm hoping that everything turns out fine," she said.

It is unknown if the gun was stored before the shooting.