40 indicted in federal racketeering probe targeting Almighty Vice Lord Nation gang in Detroit

Federal prosecutors are targeting dozens of members of one of Detroit's notable street gangs in a racketeering complaint that was unsealed Thursday.

The 172-page indictment lists 40 members and associates of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, a national gang out of Chicago with a prominent branch in Detroit.

The filing names several prominent members of the group, including Keven "Spaghetti" Fordham who has operated as one of the top-ranking members of the gang in Michigan. The U.S. Attorney's Office plans to speak on the case at 3 p.m. Thursday. 

The indictment also details several crimes like murder, robbery, assault, and other violent crimes, as well as drug-related offenses that took place over the last 10 years. Other details include connections within the Michigan Department of Corrections, which allowed the gang to communicate with those incarcerated. 

Law enforcement executed search warrants at several locations in Detroit. Those who were arrested are expected to make an appearance in court today and tomorrow.

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Few federal cases in recent history in Detroit have indicted such a high number of figures involved in organized crime. 

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