44-year-old who bit woman's ear off could be charged with two 10-year felonies

A police sergeant pretty much summed up the bizarreness of the crime.

"This is very unusual. One of those cases that will be once in a lifetime for most deputies I believe," said Oakland County Sheriff Sgt. Jason Dalbec.

That once-in-a-lifetime scene took place at an apartment in Rochester Hills, where a woman had parts of her face and ear bitten off.

"It's brutal. I mean you're using your teeth to assault someone so it's up close and personal," said Dalbec. 

Police say Sheriffs responded to a call just before 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning at the Lake Village apartment complex off of Hamlin Road. Deputies walked into the apartment and found the gruesome scene in the master bedroom. 

Two womann were partially nude and covered in blood. One woman had had bite marks all over her face and part of her ear had been bitten off. The suspect was still hovering over her.

"One was onthe floor, the other was kneeling next to her and they were both in this dazed and confused look," said Dalbec.

The suspected biter, a 44-year-old woman had been invited over by the victim, a 48-year-old woman for drinks. However, the victim said the suspect tried making sexual advances toward her before she was refused. The victim went to bed and was awoken to he clothes coming off and the suspect on top of her. The victim was being strangled and bitten by the suspect.

"There was a big bite mark in this area and part of her ear is totally missing," said Dalbec, gesturing to the entirety of the right side of his face.

Police believe the 44-year-old suspect had been drunk and on drugs during the attack. Calling it an even more "unsual circumstance," Dalbec said the suspect doesn't appear to have any criminal history. Officers arrived after a man living in the unit below the crime scene called 911 afte rhearing banging and crying for help from the woman. 

Police later did recover the victim's ear. As they await toxicology results and investigate possible charges of attempted sexual assault, they say the suspect could be arraigned as early as Wednesday. The charges could be assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and assault with intent to maim - both are 10-year felonies.