Detroit boys stuck in Florida foster care after mother left 1-year-old on beach

After a Detroit mother was arrested in Florida for leaving her baby on a beach, her children were put in foster care by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

The boys' grandparents flew from Detroit to Florida to pick them up, but could not get them out of the system. 

"I've called everybody and I need some help," the grandmother, Valerie Mitchell told FOX 2. "My grandsons want to come home."

Valerie's daughter, 37-year-old Shamika Mitchell, was arrested in November by deputies in Daytona Beach on charges of child neglect and endangerment. Authorities said Shamika left her one-year-old boy on the beach.

On November 10, the baby was found "unresponsive" and "cold to the touch" in a wet diaper by beach goers. Police began searching for the child after Shamika's oldest son, Tayshawn, questioned her about his brother's whereabouts and called 9-1-1.

During the 9-1-1 call, Tayshawn, 17, said his mother told him she gave the baby to his father after meeting up with him at a nearby convenience store. But Tayshawn said that did not make sense because the father of the child lived in Detroit.

When the baby was found, he was rushed to the hospital where he stayed for several days, but has since recovered. 

Shamika allegedly abruptly packed up the boys to move to Florida days before the incident. She remains in the Volusia County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

Nearly a month later, Valerie is still fighting for custody of her grandsons, who are stuck in separate foster homes in Florida – despite being told by the DCF that her and her husband could come to Florida to bring the kids back home.


Detroit mom arrested after baby found unresponsive and shivering on Florida beach

A Detroit mom was arrested in Florida after authorities said she abandoned her 1-year-old son on the beach late last week.

Fox 2 was told Shamika suffers from mental illness.

"I believe my daughter was having an episode, but she would never harm her kids," Valerie said. "We stayed there at the hospital, hoping and praying that when he got discharged we were going to be able to get all five of the boys and get on a plane and get back home."

But the grandparents' request was denied multiple times. Valerie said they were not given a reason as to why the kids cannot be placed with them, or any other family members. 

"Some days (are) OK. Other days, I get them calling me, crying and stuff, ‘grandma when we coming home?’" Valerie said.

It’s been especially hard on Tayshawn, who is supposed to graduate high school next year.

"He asked me is this going to be affecting him graduating," Valerie said. "He wants to graduate on time. He's looking forward to the prom."

At least a couple of the boys have cell phones, so she is able to communicate with them. But recenlty, she lost contact with her 7-year-old grandson who had his phone taken away.

The phone was taken from him "because he was calling his family too much," Valerie added. "He's seven. He doesn't understand all of this that's going on."

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