6 car crash on Moross leads to 4 arrests after drug deal 'gone bad'

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A drug deal gone wrong led to a carnage in a violent car crash Wednesday.

At least five vehicles were involved in multiple crashes on Detroit's east side. They were the result of a drug deal that didn't go as intended.

"I looked out and heard a loud boom, it sounded like something exploded," said Keva Jackson.

Complete chaos outside of her window - five cars in a mangled mess. 

"That's the first thing, I did not know if my daughter was in that car," said Jackson.

Bracing herself for the worst, Keva Jackson saw that her daughter was not in her car - now, completely crunched. 

Then she saw one of the suspects climbing out the sunroof of an Escalade on Moross west of I-94, running from the cops already on the way.

"He took it in his own hands to use a 7,000-pound vehicle as a weapon," said Cmdr. Eric Decker, Detroit police 9th Precinct.

Decker said this started with a drug deal that went south about a mile away.

"As he took out this big wad of cash, the guys produced a gun and said check in your money at which time he did," Decker said.

He handed over his $2,000 but wasn't giving up chasing after the two that took it. He smashed up one car along the way - finally causing a chain reaction crash. 

"Terrible accident - six different cars, two children, an 8- and 10-year-old hurt in all this," Decker said.

The two kids and their mom went to the hospital in temporary serious condition. The two suspects got out of the smoking Escalade and ran but not for long. Neighbors helped police catch them quick. 

"It's what it's all about, is the community and the police working together we might not have been able to catch him if we didn't have citizens jumping out in the streets saying they went that way," Decker said. 

They are charged with armed robbery and the guy who temporarily had his cash stolen was charged with reckless driving. 

"That one right there was close to my heart," Jackson said. "I was in tears because I felt it could have been me or it could have been my daughter."