6th suspect wanted in torture, murder of Detroit mom found in trunk of burning car

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Five of six people wanted for the mutilation and murder of a Detroit woman found in a burning car are in custody but police are still trying to find a sixth person wanted in her death.

Police are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading tot he arrest of Shavelle Runels, 31, for the brutal death of Angela Neilson. The 28-year-old woman was found in a burning car in January. She had been tortured and beaten before she was put in the trunk of a car and it was set on fire.

Three arrested for mutilation, murder of woman found in burning car trunk in Detroit

"This person had nothing to do with anything and they took it upon themselves to take her life away," Dindi Maloney with Crimestoppers said. "This odious act was intentional disrespect to this woman's family and the citizens of Detroit."

Three people were arrested in the days following her death. Now, five people are in custody including Symone Runels who was arrested on Saturday. However, police are searching for Symone's sister, the sixth person wanted in Neilson's death. 

 "The tips came in from Crimestoppers and everywhere else telling us where she was at and finally we got ahold of her," DPD officer Desiree Curry said. 


Police say Shavelle, her sister, and the four others who have already been charged attacked Nielsen and a man she was with on the city's southwest side back in January. Police believe the attack was an act of vengeance.

"Their mother OD'd in Detroit and they could not believe the the situation was was an OD. They believed that somebody did this to her, which was not true," Curry said.

The man was beaten nearly to death before he escaped and then the group turned their attention to Neilson. Police said they kidnapped her, tortured her, and then put her in the trunk of a car before it on fire. Firefighters found the burned up car with Neilson's body still in the truck on Foreman Street.

"When he got away, they didn't waste time and we guess they thought they'd kill her off too."

Neilson's family is too distraught to speak this week as they're worried about their own safety with Runels on the run. Police said she should be considered dangerous and is believed to be staying in either Detroit or Indianapolis, where she has family. 

Body found in trunk of burned car on Detroit's southwest side

Her sister, so far, is not saying a word.

"She can run as far as she wants but eventually she will be caught," Curry said.

Police have offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to her arrest.