71-year-old retired postal worker killed inside his Ann Arbor home

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FOX 2 talked with the family of Richard Fortune they said the 71-year-old didn't have any enemies. 

They didn't know of anyone he was feuding with let alone someone that would want to murder him.

"It's pretty surreal to get that phone call and yes it was total shock," said Daniel Fortune, the victim's nephew.

 That phone call was Daniel Fortune's uncle, Richard Fortune was dead, murdered in his Ann Arbor home.

 "He was a really nice guy with a good heart it's hard to imagine anyone that would want to do him any harm," Daniel said.

Ann Arbor police did a welfare check on Richard Wednesday at his house near Washtenaw and US-23 - the 71-year-old retired postal work was dead inside.

They don't have anyone in custody. Richard apparently rented out rooms - he had two roommates. The family tells us it was usually to college-aged kids.

"Hopefully they catch the person responsible and bring some justice," Daniel said.

 Crime tape was still up at the home Thursday evening - while crime scene investigators processed the scene for evidence.

"We are all pretty alarmed here," said neighbor Ruth Fields. "We are all on high alert here."

 Neighbors like Fields started a memorial for Richard. They left flowers because he loved gardening and shared his flowers with everyone in the neighborhood.

 "My son was remembering when we were walking up there that he always used to be out there doing his garden and he would spray the kids with the hose," Fields said.

 Richard, killed in his golden years, and his death leave an emptiness with his family and in this close neighborhood.

"He was a good guy and a good neighbor and I hope they figure out who did this," Fields said.

Police have not released how Richard was killed - it's likely they're keeping it quiet as not to jeopardize their investigation.