$7,500 trailer stolen from business on Detroit's west side

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A Detroit businessman hopes someone can recognize suspect caught on camera stealing his trailer.

Ammar Albaldawi says he bought the black trailer with wood panels a year ago. He stored it at a business near Pac Power on Greenfield near Joy.

Surveillance video from August 4th around 3:30 a.m. shows a truck driving by the business twice.  The suspect then broke the chain on the fence, backed his truck up to the trailer, broke the break locks off, then took off on Greenfield

Albaldawi says he didn't have any valuables inside, but the trailer itself is worth about $7,500.  He’s now stuck buying a new one to keep up with his construction jobs.

"Someday you'll get caught if you're that careless. They'll get you one day. You'll go to jail,” said Albaldawi.

If you recognize the person or the vehicle caught on camera, please contact Detroit police.