81-year-old carjacking victim receives help from Fox 2 viewer

Herman Garth, 81 years old, an Air Force veteran, was carjacked and robbed this summer. 

A lot of people saw our story here on Fox 2 and wanted to help him out, and this week someone mailed an envelope to FOX 2 with no return address full of cash with clear instructions. 

Give the envelope to Herman Garth. 

"I appreciate them doing what they did for me, sending me that money and helping me and helping me as much as they can." Garth said Wednesday. 

Herman Garth definitely appreciates whomever wrote his name on this envelope and mailed it to Fox 2 News.

Six-hundred dollars cash was inside, that's close to the amount Garth had stolen from him outside a convenience store on Joy Road on Detroit's West Side one late night in August shortly after he won the money at a casino.

Garth says it shuck him  up a lot. 

When Garth walked out of the store, he says two men had been waiting for him by his car.

Although he complied with all of their demands, Garth says the men robbed, carjacked, and shot him. 

The bullet went through his left hip and out his right hip.

Garth says he can remember every moment of that night down to the exact second. 

"Burning rubber. Just burning rubber. Got away in my car. I guess the other car got in the car with him and left and I just fell to my knees," said Garth. 

Detroit Police arrested 25-year-old Corey Hill who they believe is responsible for shooting the Air Force veteran and driving off in his car.

The other suspect ran away from the scene, and has not been caught and this 81-year-old has a message for anyone who wants to do wrong.

"Don't bother with that. Don't be trying to hold up anybody and things like that. They know what the consequences of they get caught."

He may have been wheelchair bound for a while, but Garth is back on his feet.

Seeing what happened a few months ago, we decided to call a ride for Mr. Garth once we dropped off the cash.

The driver took Mr. Garth to his credit union for him to deposit the money in his account, and bring him back home.