Warren baby home after being badly burned; dad still in custody

After about two months in the hospital, recovering from multiple severe injuries allegedly caused by his father, a 10-month-old baby is back home – smiling once again.

FOX 2 first met Drakkari Robinson Jr.'s mother back in early March, when he was still being treated for second and third-degree burns, a fractured rib, brain bleeds, and other injuries at Children's Hospital in Detroit.

Once again, Warren resident Dezaree Foster –a mother of six – did not want to show her face on camera, but she said it is good to see her youngest happy again.

"He’s doing a lot better. We are finally home and he’s healing," Foster said. "He’s crawling again. He’s back to his normal smiley self. He’s him again, which is all anybody's asked for."

The baby's father, Drakkari Desean Robinson of Detroit, was arrested on charges of second-degree child abuse on March 2nd. The mom told FOX 2 the prosecutor's office told her a plea offer was made. However, Prosecuting Attorney Maria Miller said, "No formal offer has been placed on the record in court at this time. Our APA spoke with the mom to explain there is no probationary sentence in this case."

Drakkari Robinson Jr.

On February 11, Foster was working overnight when she got a phone call that her son had been burned. Robinson Jr. was at home with his father at the time.

She rushed home, saw the burns, and immediately took the baby to the hospital. There, doctors discovered numerous other injuries.

Drakkari Robinson Jr. at Children's Hospital in Detroit. (Dezaree Foster)

"Underneath (his) shirt, he has a compression wrap on," Foster said. "He is scarred from the chest, all over the back, his inner thigh." 

Doctors and nurses warned her that the road to recovery will be a long one. Robinson Jr. is at the doctor's office about four times a week.

"It’s difficult. He has doctor's appointments constantly. We’re still waiting on some of his fingers to auto-amputate," the mother said. "So that’s pretty scary."

Drakkari Robinson Jr. at Children's Hospital in Detroit. (Dezaree Foster)

As for Foster, she says she is still recovering too.

"I haven’t been able to return to work because I’m still trying to figure everything out, figure my schedule out," she said. "I’m just, I’m trying to heal as much as I can."

Grateful for the donations to her GoFundMe, Foster said the money has been helping her get by. But ultimately, she is just happy to have her baby home.

"I told you guys last time, this baby does not cry. He doesn’t do anything," she said. "All he does is… smile, laugh, and talk to people. He’s my miracle baby."

Drakkari Robinson Jr. 

The father, Drakkari Desean Robinson, is expected to return to court in late May.

In the meantime, Foster said she plans on changing her son’s name so that he doesn't share the same name with his accused abuser.


Baby hospitalized for severe injuries, father arrested on child abuse charges

Police and Child Protective Services launched an investigation, initially questioning both Foster and the baby's father, Drakkari Desean Robinson. But on March 2nd, the father was arrested on charges of child abuse.