9-year-old attacked by pit bull in Warren

A dog attacks a child as she was playing outside near her home in Warren Friday.

Police say she is in critical but stable condition at St. John Hospital and Medical Center.

Cell phone video shows a Warren Animal Control worker trying to wrangle a bloody pit bull after a brutal attack in the 11300 block of Jackson near 8 Mile and Hoover.

"It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my entire life," said witness Natasha Bjorn. "She couldn't even talk."

Police say Kyla Kelly was playing with a friend who lives next door when the dog slipped out of her friend's house.

They were taking the pit bull back inside when Kyla fell. Police say it startled the dog and which may have caused it to attack.

"The next thing I know people knocking on my door," said William Neal. "They said the little girl got bit up. I said the little black girl? I said, 'That's my granddaughter and I took off running down the street."

Kala Pino was one of the first adults to see the 9-year-old. She called 911 after noticing the severity of Kyla's injuries.

"Her face was pretty much ripped open," Pino said. "And her scalp as well. And she was bleeding profusely."

"I hurried up and had my boyfriend go get towels," Bjorn said. "And I helped put her face back together and turn her so she could breathe and stop choking on her own blood. I never want to do anything like that again in my life."

Kyla was rushed to St. John hospital on Moross.

"I'm just hoping she's going to be okay," Neal said.

The girl's grandfather says it is not the first time they've had trouble with the dog next door.

"Two weeks ago it attacked my little yorkie snatched him right out of my arms in that harness," he said. "And today, this happens."

FOX 2 went next door to speak with the dog's owner, Matt Abare.

FOX 2: "A little girl was nearly killed because of your dog."

Abare: "No, I hope not no. All we're worried about right now is her."

FOX 2: "What happens to the dog from here on out?"

"He's done," Abare said. "We told him they can do whatever."

FOX 2: "You gave animal control the okay to put the dog down?"

"Yeah," Abare said.

It's possible dog's owners may face charges. Abare said if that's the case, they have to accept responsibility as it is.