90-year-old Macomb County man 'exhilarated' after winning $250K Michigan Lottery Keno prize

A Macomb County man said he was exhilarated when the Michigan Lottery office confirmed he won $250,000 playing Keno.

"I play a variety of Lottery games, but Keno has been my favorite game to play lately," he said. "I was checking several tickets at the store and got a message to see the retailer after scanning one of my Keno tickets."

The 90-year-old man who chose to remain anonymous needed to be sure after hearing he won.

"I gave the cashier my ticket to check and asked him if I’d won big. After he looked it over for a minute, he said: ‘I think you did it!’ I took the ticket to the nearest Lottery office and asked them to check it to be sure. When they confirmed my prize, I was exhilarated!" he said. "After playing the Lottery for years, I feel like I’m on top of the world after finally winning big."

He bought his winning ticket at the CVS at 43611 Schoenherr Rd. in Sterling Heights, and matched 10 of the 22 numbers drawn June 18.

The man plans to save his winnings.