910AM Superstation backtracks on Kilpatrick ban, says hosts can discuss ex-Detroit mayor

After implementing a ban on conversations of Detroit's ex-mayor who just had his sentence commuted, an area radio station is backtracking on its original decision.

Following news of a controversial programming decision by 910AM Superstation's owner Keven Adell to ban talking about Kwame Kilpatrick after the former politician didn't respond to requests to host a show, hosts are now allowed to do so again.

"It’s important that the public hears all points of view. Radio is a two-way medium and I am encouraging all hosts, guests and listeners to share their thoughts during a time when free speech is under attack," said Adell in a statement.

Several current and former radio hosts that broadcast on the station throughout the week admonished the original ban, which came in a letter from the station owner.

"So how can I not talk about the number one topic that is going on in the city of Detroit?" asked Nicole Small, who is no longer with the station after she says she walked away willingly when the censorship rule was announced.

Tensions about the decision boiled over in the preceding weeks since the letter was sent five days after Kilpatrick was commuted Jan. 20. Calls to boycott the station bubbled up as voices called for hosts to resign from the station.

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The course reversal came in a press release that also announced the hiring of Paul Mitchell, a former Michigan Republican who decided not to run for another term representing the state's 3rd congressional district and has since left the party.

"Ever wonder why President Barack Obama didn't pardon former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and why President Donald Trump did?" asked the press release. "Former U.S. Congressman Paul Mitchell who served four years in Congress from 2016-2020, during his debut show on Wednesday, February 10th, from 9 pm 11 pm will tell you why."