'A deadly dealer': Warren police seize fentanyl, guns, money during drug raid

Warren police raided a drug house during an undercover operation early Monday.

"They woke up this drug dealer, and he wasn't ready, and we were ready for him.  And the result is we got a sizable amount of fentanyl, we got weapons, dangerous weapons, taken off the street, and we got a large amount of money as well," Mayor Warren Fouts said "There was an arrest made, but I can't even comment on that because this is an ongoing investigation that will lead to more drug busts."

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Fouts said the house was in the area of 12 Mile and Van Dyke. Due to the secrecy of the raids, he stuck to discussing the dangers of fentanyl, which kills tens of thousands of people annually.

"Fentanyl heroin has surpassed just about everything except maybe accidents," he said. "One of the culprits is the Chinese government. Communist China is where they make fentanyl, and then they bring it over here."

While Fouts can't do much about China, he said people caught providing the drug will pay a price.

"When it comes to someone who's dealing fentanyl, they should, pardon my French, they should throw the book at him and make sure he stays in jail for a long time because he is a dealer, a deadly dealer," he said.