A free new program is helping women get back into the workforce

There's a new chance for women whose careers have been derailed by the pandemic to jump back into the workforce. A local organization is providing all the tools and training you need to find the right job - and it's all for free.

Judy Richmond is the coordinator of the Women to Work Program at JVS Human Services.

"Often the women are divorced, or widowed, or separated from a partner or a spouse, and sometimes just don't know where to begin a job search. So they come to JVS and the Women to Work Program," she said.

Now, because of the pandemic - hundreds of thousands of women have been forced out of the workforce.  

They've lost jobs or have to stay home to care for children learning at home. Now those women might need help getting back to work.

"These women do have excellent skills," Richmond said. "Often they do have substantial work histories, but because of our current situation, they find themselves very unexpectedly needing some additional assistance."

The kind of assistance that will be available virtually starting April 20th. The group meets a couple of times a week - building camaraderie and self-confidence as well as the skills necessary, to get out into the workforce.

"How to find a job, resume development, interviewing skills, the importance of networking," Richmond said.

She says graduates of the program have gone on to work in many different fields - and she's always impressed with what these women can do.

"If they want something to really work out - women find a way to do it," Richmond said.

The program has plenty of space - you just have to make the call to 248-233-4232 or ONLINE HERE. You may also contact Richmond by her email at jrichmond@jvshumanservices.org.