A guide to Proposal P and what Detroit residents are voting for this Aug. 3

It may be a little unusual to have such a significant proposal up for voting this Aug. 3 election since it's neither a midterm nor a presidential election year. 

But this Aug. 3, there's a lot on the line for Detroit voters - from Proposal P to the Detroit mayor.

Make sure you have everything you need before you vote today. Read FOX 2's voter guide for more information

Here's a breakdown of what every Detroit voter can expect on their ballot

Prop P

Among the biggest things that Detroit voters will be casting their ballot for this Tuesday is a revision to the city's charter.

The controversial ballot proposal would rearrange the city's departments, how residents pay for water and sewage, implement a task force to study reparations. The entire charter can be read here. 

However, not everyone is pleased with such a radical change to the city government. Many of the state's top officials, from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and even Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan believe it will be too costly.

But other local leaders see it as a path toward greater equality and equity within the city.

If it is approved, the following changes would be made:

  • Authorizes 47 new elected positions and creates 102 new appointed positions
  • Makes corporation counsel a joint appointment by the mayor and the city council
  • Requires chief of police to be chosen by the mayor, city council, and board of police commissioners rather than just the mayor
  • Restructures the police and fire departments
  • Creates new Department of Disability Affairs
  • Creates new Department of Environmental Justice and Sustainability
  • Creates new Task Force on Reparations and African American Justice
  • Creates new Offices of Veterans Affairs and Immigrant Affairs
  • Creates new Office of Economic Justice and Consumer Empowerment
  • Provides reduced, income-based fare system for public transportation
  • Creates new transportation standards
  • Provides reduced income-based, affordable water-rate system requirements
  • Creates Water Bill Assistance Fund
  • Provides free sidewalk maintenance
  • Provides free public Internet broadband
  • Provides residency requirements for all city workers
  • Provides affordable housing
  • Creates property overassessment relief program
  • Creates Environmental Justice Health Fund
  • Institutes standard provisions for utilities and public utility franchises
  • Creates new intragovernmental agencies
  • Requires binding arbitration to be available to all city government negotiations for labor relations
  • Creates Wage and Standard Boards
  • Institutes "responsible contracting" requirements for city contracts
  • Relates retirement provisions to adjustments in pension benefits
  • Eliminates "qualified immunity" in police officer evaluations
  • Changes to the city’s participation in the regional water authority
  • Provides proportional funding for oversight agencies
  • Diverts budget reserve interest to capital 

Detroit mayor

Mayor Duggan is aiming for a third term in a crowded primary field this August. However, he's facing off against nine other candidates also eyeing the position as Detroit's leader. They include:

  • Anthony Adams
  • Tom Barrow
  • Kiawana Brown
  • Mike Duggan
  • Myya Jones
  • Jasahn Larsosa
  • Charles McInnis
  • DaNetta Simpson
  • Art Tyus
  • D Wilcoxon

City Council at-large

In addition to the seven district representatives, there are two city council members that are elected at-large. Five candidates are vying for two of the seats. They include:

  • Janee Ayers
  • Jermain Jones
  • Nicole Small
  • Mary Waters
  • Coleman Young Jr.

City Clerk

Janice Winfrey has served as the city clerk of Detroit for 16 years. She'll be up against three challengers this election cycle. They include:

  • Beverly Kindle-Walker
  • Denzel McCampbell
  • Michael Ri'chard
  • Janice Winfrey