AAA says the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers is upon us, with warning for parents

"Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death in the US for teens 16 to 19," said Adrienne Woodland.

AAA says we're just getting started with a very dangerous time of year for young drivers.  

"Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death in the US for teens 16-19," said Woodland, AAA Michigan. "Nationwide, more than 30 percent involving teens happens during the 100 deadliest days which is a period that runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day." 

Woodland says between now and then nationwide about 630 teen drivers will be involved in a deadly crash - 22 of them in Michigan.  

FOX 2: "I'm thinking of the parents out there. Hearing these stats and shaking their heads, what is some advice?"
"Parents want to set limits and enforce them when it comes to teens having other teens in the vehicle," she said. 

Add cell phones to the mix - and it's a recipe for disaster. Especially this summer, after a year of ups and downs and being cooped up. 

"Young adults are eager to connect with friends which means young, inexperienced drivers will spend more time on the roads this summer," Woodland said. 

AAA offers continued education classes for new drivers beyond driver's training - at its Birmingham location. And there is a phone app - for you and your teen to monitor bad driving habits, like how often they grab their cell phone, or speed.   

Woodland says to be that annoying parent, it could save a life.  

"Talk to your teens early and often about abstaining from dangerous driving behaviors," she said.