Storms roll into Metro Detroit, with hail and high winds possible

Friday evening brings an unsettled weather pattern to Metro Detroit with gusty winds and storms possible.

Heavy rain overnight is associated with low pressure and initially a warm front moving north through the state. High wind and small hail are expected with temperatures rising as the warm front lifts north.

Rain continues into Saturday, then colder air wrapping around the Low and a shift in wind direction to the north will bring falling temperatures and a chance for snow showers by afternoon. Still windy. 48/27.

Dry Sunday, not as breezy 48/41.

Rain by Monday afternoon. Wind picking up too. Much warmer 63/45.

Rain Tuesday 60/50.

And again Wednesday. Becoming windy. 68/40.

Cloudy to start but the Tigers Opening Day should be dry and windy 53/33.

Sunny Friday High 50.