Afghanistan's people are at risk: How a Michigan Air Force veteran is helping

As American soldiers leave Afghanistan, veterans like Michigan's Air Force vet Kim Osborn are feeling horrible at the thought of what her Afgan colleagues are experiencing. 

While training Afghani soldiers in medical practices, Osborn had the opportunity to work closely with an interpreter.  

This interpreter, his pregnant wife, and his children are all at risk now that reports are saying the Taliban is getting closer to their home.

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"In our conversations, he’s saying, ‘Kim it’s deteriorating very quickly. It's getting more dangerous every day," Osborn said.

The two-hour journey to the safety of Kabul is unlikely because it is dangerous and poses a significant risk for the wife and unborn child. They have decided to hide.

Osborn, on the other side of the world, has been working to obtain a special visa for the interpreter.

"They are after the army and the interpreters. Their intent is to eliminate them out of this county and it’s killing me," Osborn said.

It is in the final stages of approval. However, the process is taking a long time, the time he may not have.