AG declines charges against Shelby Township police officer who fatally shot man in 2018

Kanwarbir Malhi was shot and killed during a confrontation with Shelby Township police on Nov. 3, 2018.

Attorney General Dana Nessel said Tuesday that there is insufficient evidence to charge a Shelby Township police officer who fatally shot a man in 2018.

Officer Jason Zuk was cleared after the incident, but Nessel agreed last summer to review the shooting that killed 25-year-old Kanwarbir Malhi, who was unarmed but told police he had a weapon.

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According to Nessel, officers saw Malhi on Nov. 3, 2018, driving his mother’s vehicle that had been reported stolen the day before. When he parked at his family’s apartment complex, an officer approached Malhi and told him to show his hands several times, but he did not comply.

Kanwarbir Malhi

Backup was called and Malhi was told to get out of the vehicle, officials said, but he did not. Officers said they asked him if he had a weapon and he said he did.

Police said Malhi got out of the vehicle after about 10 minutes and made a sudden movement toward the front of his body, which resulted in Zuk firing one shot at him with a department-issued shotgun. 

Malhi was hit in the chest and neck and fell down. Authorities rendered medical care and discovered that Malhi did not have a weapon. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Nessel said her office reviewed video footage, testimony, and other evidence, and determined that Zuk acted under an honest and reasonable belief that he and other officers were in danger.