Ahead of pit bull change, Hazel Park woman says dog attacked for second time

As Hazel Park moves closer to lifting a ban on pit bulls, the owner of a small dog in the city says her pooch has been attacked for a second time. 

June Dockery says the nightmare plays in her head over and over again. Her dog, named Sweetie, was attacked last week on their street in Hazel Park by her neighbor's pit bull mixed dog. The dog was tied to the homeowner's porch but got loose and attacked, she said.

"He shook her, I screamed bloody murder," Dockery said.

Mitchell Lovett says his daughter owns Brice but thinks the reaction to the dog's attack is overblown.

"Some people raise more Cain over a dog then they would if it was a kid that got attacked, that's what burns me up." Lovett said.

Police took Bryce away to a pound and city officials say the way he was tied to the home is against the law - pit bull or not.

"It is currently illegal to tether any type of the dog to a porch in the city of Hazel Park." Hazel Park City Manager Edward Klobucher said.

The attack comes as the Hazel Park City Council members gear up to adopt revisions on their dog ordinance later this month. The revision would lift the city's ban on all pit bulls and pit bull types, with certain restrictions.

The final vote will come later this month but as Dockery looks at Sweetie's injuries, she's not sure about walking her dog in Hazel Park.

"I don't know if i feel safe walking her and I want to be able to walk her," she said.

City officials say they're doing everything possible to keep all animals safe

"So the lesson here is that you need to comply with the laws or else we will find you and prosecute you," Klobucher said.