All Cheetos everything: KFC rolls out Cheetos chicken sandwich

KFC is launching a new fried chicken sandwich with a cheesy Cheetos twist.

Starting July 1, the fried chicken chain is partnering up with Cheetos to release a limited-edition Cheetos Sandwich.



In a win for our junior-high taste buds, the Cheetos Sandwich features a crispy chicken filet drizzled with a special Cheetos sauce, all placed on a toasted bun with mayo and a layer of cheesy Cheetos.

“For years, people have been creating their own versions of a Cheetos-fied sandwich at home,” KFC said in an official statement. “And now the fried chicken experts at KFC are launching the Cheetos Sandwich across the U.S. and giving fans the cheesy, crispy crunch that they’ll love.”

To celebrate this cheesy, crunchy collaboration, KFC and Cheetos are hosting a one-time only pop-up event in New York City on Thursday, June 27. The party-goers can get a sneak preview and tasting of the new chicken sandwich that is bound to get us licking our fingers.

KFC and Cheetos are both brands that don’t back down from bold ideas. From KFC’s Colonel Sanders dome that will help you escape the internet, to Cheetos’ step into the fashion industry with its Forever 21 collaboration, it was only a matter of time before the two brands got together.