Amazon announces another 2,000 jobs opening in Detroit

Amazon is continuing its hiring push during what it anticipates to be its busiest season of business ever.

The retail giant is on a mission to hire an additional 100,000 workers throughout the U.S. and Canada, which includes adding thousands in Metro Detroit.

The new work opportunities will pay $15 an hour and include benefits.

"The jobs we're looking for are pickers, storers, sorters, people who are preparing delivery packages for our customers. And that's just the beginning," said Ofori Agboka, vice president of human resources at Amazon.

In addition to the 2,000 jobs coming to the local area, Amazon is also hiring another thousand workers elsewhere around Michigan. 

"The innovation of Amazon all the technology, learning stuff new every day is a great thing that makes you want to come in," said Gregory Moore, who works on the floor of the Livonia location.

The latest news from the company is far from the only plans that Amazon has unveiled this year. Despite the oddity that 2020 has proven for most businesses, Amazon says it's never been busier. 

To compensate for the growing demand of quickly-delivered retail in the growing field of online shopping, Amazon has already announced other job openings and plans to build a $400 million distribution center on the state's old fairgrounds.

The new facility is expected to bring 1,200 new jobs and open in 2022, pending approval from the city council. Previous job announcements filling office positions are expected to pay $150,000 annually.

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In its latest bout of hiring, the jobs will be housed out of fulfillment, sortation, and delivery centers that operate around the region.

Anyone interested in working can find more information about how to apply at