American Coney Island celebrates 100 year milestone

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It was a great celebration at American Coney Island on Thursday on its 100-year birthday.

"I just drove 667 miles to be here - just for a coney and to see these clowns," said they’re family," said one man.

Gust Keros came to America from Greece in 1910 -- Ellis Island the whole deal, but there were no jobs in New York.

"But then he heard there were jobs in Detroit. Flash forward a few years later, gets to Detroit," said Grace Keros, current co-owner and granddaughter. "On the same corner we're at, he has a pushcart, selling hotdogs, shining shoes, cleaning hats and selling popcorn all on the same corner. He made a little money, and here we are 100 years later."

So many traditions, for so many years, right?

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans has been going to American Coney Island since his law school days.

"I was undersheriff back in the last little while of our law school career," he said. "And I would come over, not all the time, but I did come over."

FOX 2: "How come you don't put ketchup on your hotdogs?"

"Because ketchup wasn't invented for us until we had to have French fries," said one customer.

Besides all this fun, money is being raised to help Detroit police and fire.

"Without the fire and police we need to them to be strong continue," said Chris Sotiropoulos, co-owner of American Coney Island.

Good for them. American Coney Island, happy birthday.  And to another 100 years.