American Muslim group wants Plymouth city clerk to resign over Facebook comments

The American-Muslim & Minority Advocacy League is calling on Plymouth officials to remove a city clerk after she allegedly posted inflammatory remarks on social media.

The Facebook post in question is a comment on an article headlined "Muslim Woman Claims she 'Only Lasted Eight Days' in Trump White House. The comment, posted by an account with the name Linda Langmesser, reads, 'Of course they don't tell the whole truth, part of their culture. She is nothing but trouble and needs to be sent back so she can profess her love to the koran there where it is appreciated, not here!!'

Attorney and Director of the American-Muslim & Minority Advocacy League Fatina Abdrabboh says the comment was first seen Monday night, but was deleted by Tuesday morning.

"This Facebook post really makes us mad and frustrated and alarmed," Abdrabboh says. "My first reactions to the post were, really, outrage that a city clerk who has been at her job as long as she has - decades - would say something so outrageous."

Paul Sincock, the Plymouth city manager says Langmesser has been with the city for roughly 30 years and has been working as the city clerk for over 25.

"There's no doubt that public trust in the city clerk's office has been impacted, and the responsible, prudent thing is to would be to ensure that public trust is restored," Abdrabboh says.

"Clearly the comments do not represent the values of our organization. We spend an incredible amount time with our employees, both new and current, on diversity issues and, so, this is shocking to see those kinds of comments," Sincock says.

Langmesser was absent from work Thursday, with Sincock telling FOX 2 simply that "she's off."

Langmesser was unavailable for comment.

Abdrabboh, at this point, doesn't believe there's much Langmesser could say.

"The city clerk has tipped her hand to her true sentiment and feelings and that bell cannot be unrung. We are asking for the City of Plymouth to immediately have her removed from that post and to do the right thing," Abdrabboh says.

The city's investigation is ongoing.