Annual Marche du Nain Rouge returns to Detroit's Midtown after 2-year hiatus

Streets were filled in Midtown on Sunday for an annual tradition halted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marche du Nain Rouge is held every year around the Spring Equinox to chase the Nain Rouge out of Detroit.

"It’s almost this sort of Mardi Gras style parade, festival that celebrates the coming of spring, the coming of new beginnings, the banishing of evil," one attendee said.

The Nain Rouge is a mythological creature dating back to Detroit's early days. Legend has it that Detroit founder Antoine de la mothe Cadillac had bad luck after having a run in with the creature.

So, thousands put on costumes and head to the city to tell the demon he isn't welcome.

"From what my boyfriend was telling me, that way the dwarf can’t find you. He mistakes you, kind of like Halloween, mistakes you for one of his own," a costumed attendee said.