Arguments heard to appeals court if Crumbley parents can see trial for son's Oxford shooting

The parents of the Oxford School shooter take their case to the state's appeals court. James and Jennifer Crumbley want their manslaughter charges against them thrown out.

The issue is, can the parents be responsible for their criminal acts of their kid? James Jennifer Cromley, they are saying the real problem was their son, he was the one that did the shooting. The defense argued whatever the parents did was bad maybe, but it was not the cause of the deaths, and they want the case thrown out.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald the other hand, says there were plenty of warning signs to show that these parents are at fault and if you take a look at all of the factors, yes it would have been foreseeable their son could have gone out and committed the murders.

James and Jennifer Crumbley are facing four counts of manslaughter.

"Are there any cases anywhere in any other state where this has been upheld?" asked Judge Christopher M. Murray.

"It has never gotten to that juncture of the proceeding," the assistant Oakland County prosecutor said.

During the court of appeals hearing, passionate arguments on both side were heard.

"There is still no legal duty to look in a bag," said Shannon Smith, defense attorney. "There's no legal duty to look in a locker. How far does that legal duty extend? Would it go to a car? Would it require you to go through their room? "

The assistant prosecutor said that the facts in this case show that the parents played much more of a role in causing the deaths.

"These parents knew he had a fascination with guns. They knew he was gifted this gun days earlier, they knew of the graphic drawing that he made, and they knew that he was in crisis," said the assistant prosecutor. "Yet they did nothing."

"Was he ever medically diagnosed as with depression or any type of mental illness?" asked Judge Michael J. Riordan.

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"That is not a fact on record, so, um, in this course review, essentially no," the assistant prosecutor said.

"What things did they do or not do, that led to these events?" asked Judge Murray. "That's causation, right?"

The defense attorney also weighed in.

"Well, the thing they did not do is plot and plan these murderers and hold a weapon, and shoot people in cold blood in a school," Smith said.

The parents' defense is blaming their son, Ethan Crumbley. but legally remember, the Supreme Court of Michigan wanted this court of appeals, those three judges to hear this case, and then give an opinion as to whether or not the parents can be responsible.

There is no decision today, but probably in about another. 45 to 60 days.