Armed robbers tie up workers at Roseville Radio Shack

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Security camera footage shot from last May's robbery of the Roseville Radio Shack.

A brazen robbery at a Roseville RadioShack store, leaving the employees terrorized. 

It was about 8 p.m. when Tonya Caspar pulled into the strip mall on Gratiot and 14 Mile and noticed something out of the ordinary.

"I pulled up to PureSleep and I saw four cop cars parked in front and a cop car out back," she said. "And I saw some police officers going into a Denny's restaurant."

What she saw was the investigation of an armed robbery.  According to a source close to the investigation, two men with guns walked into the RadioShack just before it closed.

The two employees were told to hug each other while they were duct taped together, then the robbers stole money and phones before leaving out the back.

Once outside, footprints pointed police to a brick wall leading to an apartment complex where sources say they likely had a car waiting for them.

The same RadioShack was also robbed in May, when two people caught on camera were pretending to shop and one pulled a gun, pointing it at an employee. They also stole cash and phones. 

But this time a 14-year-old is handcuffed to a chair and the employee is locked in a room, while the thieves walk out the front door.

The same store was hit in February of 2014, as four men broke in stealing phones and cash. 

All of this coming as a real shock to customers in the area.

FOX 2: "Surprising?"

"Yeah, sort of," Caspar said. "It's right next to the freeway. It seems like some sort of strategy I don't know." 

After spending an hour on scene, police went to the neighboring businesses looking for surveillance video but came away with nothing.