Arrest made after possible armed robbery attempt of student on Oakland University campus

An Oakland University student was almost robbed at gunpoint in the middle of campus, but fortunately she wasn't hurt. The incident has many students keeping a close eye on their surroundings.

Around 6:15 p.m. Wednesday a female student was walking through a parking lot when investigators say a white car with two college-aged males pulled up to her. The passenger allegedly rolled down his window, pointed a gun at her and said, "Give me all your money."

The gun had an orange tip which typically indicates the weapon is a toy - but not everyone knows that.

Police aren't saying if the gun used in the crime was real or not. It happened in the P5 parking lot - next to Oakview Hall.

"I’m surprised, actually I’m lucky I didn't see it, because I was just out here like 10 minutes right before it happened with my cousin and her friends and stuff," said student Mario Mickel.

University officials are not saying if the criminals got any money, but they do tell FOX 2 that the woman walked away and the suspects drove away - only to be arrested later in the night.

"I feel bad for her though I hope she’s great, I hope everything’s ok, mentally I hope she got herself together," he said.

These students aren’t surprised the suspects got caught so quickly - but they are surprised this is where the two men decided to commit their crime.