As domestic violence cases surge, advocate says there are resources for those in need

Law enforcement flooded the 8500 block of South Stony Street in Washington Township Macomb County Wednesday afternoon.

The official word is that police investigated a domestic violence complaint. This, after sources say a woman ran into the office of this apartment complex, saying her boyfriend allegedly assaulted her.

In Washington Township neighbors told FOX 2 off-camera they saw a firearm involved and heard screams. A spokesperson for the sheriff says they took a suspect into custody and continue to investigate the incident.

Experts in domestic violence prevention say police calls and scenes like this, never seem to end.

"The emotions can really range. You can be in shock and then there can be days where you just feel devastated, down moods - a lot of anxiety," said Kazia Kelly.

Kelly is a domestic violence survivor and works to help victims. She says there’s help all across Metro-Detroit.

"For the Detroit area there’s the YWCA Interim House, A Safe Place in Oakland - in Macomb there’s Turning Point and in Washtenaw County there’s Safe House Center.

"There’s also the Michigan Hotline - 866-Voice DV and the national hotline 800-799-Safe and The"

In the meantime, Kazia says for anyone experiencing domestic violence - finding a way out is key.

"So safety planning might look like packing an emergency bag," she said. "Making sure that you have medications, extra contacts in there, keys. It might be telling a trusted loved one - a family member, documenting and making sure that you aren’t being tracked on your car or your phone."


If you or a loved one are suffering from a situation involving domestic violence, the National Domestic Violence Hotline is 800-799-7233.

The Michigan Hotline - 866-Voice DV, the national hotline is 800-799-Safe and online The

The YWCA Interim House can be found here.

A Safe Place in Oakland can be found here.

Haven of Oakland County, which can be found here.

In Macomb there’s Turning Point, which can be found here.

In Washtenaw County there’s Safe House Center.